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At RockStar Passes We'll Make You the RockStar

At RockStar Passes We'll Make You the RockStar

At live entertainment venues, a lot rides on the success of the venture, and failure is not an option. To handle the logistics, event credentials that are secure, trackable, and impervious to counterfeiting shouldn’t be thought of as a luxury: they’re your first line of defense!

To do it right, put RockStar Passes in your corner. We’ve combined the talents of skilled craftsmen, graphic artists, and experienced event promoters, added nearly a half century of print production history, and put it all together with two full line print/production/fulfillment facilities. What that means to you is that we can harness the power of 21st Century technology and put it to work for you to provide levels of security never before possible in such a cost effective package.

We offer event passes configured in your choice of classic pouch passes, contemporary flush cut passes, and the increasingly popular single-use satin stick-ons. We also offer bag tags to keep track of all your gear at every venue, every time. Our security printing is state of the art, user friendly, and virtually bulletproof. Most importantly, it serves many important purposes including keeping track of ticketed guests, and keeping would-be gate crashers out of restricted areas.

From holographic foil imprints that make counterfeiting virtually impossible (and cost prohibitive), bar code tracking you can track with a smart phone app, and custom printing designs to add your brand to every single credential, you can have it all. You can even request backstage pass design that will add ironclad security to your band’s backstage credentials, and make them popular keepsakes after the event.

To keep all of this security securely fastened around people’s necks, we offer standard lanyards in an attractive rope braid design, or you can order custom screen printed or dye sublimated lanyards with any personalized lettering you want, and color designs more vivid than a pair of blue suede shoes.

Be the leader of the pack by turning your next event, whether an across town festival, an around the world tour, or anything in between, into a smooth operation with top-notch security and jukebox hero good looks. Just contact us online , or give us a call at 866-980-4362 we’ll get to work making you the rock star.

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