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RockStar Passes response and developments due to COVID-19

RockStar Passes response and developments due to COVID-19

Like every event-centered business, RockStar Passes was impacted heavily by the developments of COVID-19 and the ramifications of its particularly contagious characteristics.

With gatherings being limited to 10 people or less, bound by the social distancing principles, we’ve understandably seen a steep decline in normal event pass orders and the need for event-based products.

In spite of this, we are open and operational as normal, and our aim is still to serve you in whatever capacity we can. Our goal, like yours, is to return to a state of normalcy in a healthy, safe, and efficient manner as soon as possible.

We are doing our due diligence to ensure your passes leave our facility as safely as possible during this time. We are doing this by actively taking part in all CDC guidelines, washing our hands consistently, and maintaining significant space between each of our essential staff members.

While our primary function is to provide passes and lanyards for your events, our main goal remains to help you put on the most memorable, enjoyable, and profitable event you can when the time arises.

While we are not producing as many event badges at this point in time, we are still here to help you with any logistics for reorganization or means we can to facilitate this goal.

If you need help finding ways to gather relevant information for your rescheduled event, understanding how that can be placed in a strategic and helpful way on your passes, or with any artwork needs that can be developed and retained to print event badges later, we are eager and ready to assist.

 Our job and joy is to provide the highest quality event badges for your gathering, with a support staff who makes you feel like the RockStar along the way. We could not accomplish this goal without your being a part of our family and supporting us the way you do.

We thank you for your continued support and help to make RockStar Passes the event badge printing experts for your needs.

 If we can provide any assistance to you at all in this difficult time, please reach out to us here, and we’ll be glad to offer any support we can.



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