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Three things to remember when you're ordering your event passes

Three things to remember when you're ordering your event passes

Planning and promoting a special event presents many important challenges, but thanks to our team at RockStar Passes, ordering your custom event badges and lanyards doesn’t have to be one of them! In fact, we’re here to make that part of the process as easy as possible so that you’ll have the time that you need to deal with all of the other issues that come up, particularly at the last minute!

We offer an easy online ordering system for our clients, and industry-leading turnaround times on all orders. Most importantly, our commitment to providing legendary customer service is second to none, and our team is always a phone call or mouse click away when you have questions! Here’s a quick look at our easy ordering system:

Design a pass that will fit your event-Your event guests will be walking, talking billboards for your event, and will proudly wear their passes to afterparties. That’s why it’s so important to choose a pass style and shape that fits your brand. Our bestselling custom flush passes come in rectangular, circular, and guitar pick shapes, and we offer easy-to-use design templates on our website to help you design the perfect pass, even if you’re not an experienced designer!

Select your security features-Gate crashers are a big reason why ticket prices for music and sporting events continue to skyrocket, but they’re no match for our security features. We can add holographic foil, UPC or QR bar codes, and even photos to your passes. The data for each pass will be unique, and easily scanned with an inexpensive device or a smart phone app.

Choose your lanyards-All standard orders come with braided rope lanyards in your choice of 13 colors, but if you really want to give your passes a custom look, we can also print logos or text on your lanyards with screen printing or dye sublimation!

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