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At RockStar Passes You're the Rock Star!

For true venue security, you need old school rock-n-roll street smarts coupled with new school cyber-security know-how, and to find it, the real rock stars know where to go: RockStar Passes. That’s where a road manager’s or event promoter’s nightmare is transformed into a gentle slumber with security printing for event credentials that’s so resistant to fraud it’s practically bulletproof!

You want 10 mil, dual-sided lamination with custom, four-color printing, slot-punched for convenient carrying? We’ve got it. You want bar-coded tracking that lets you know who’s in and who’s out at a glance, and can be logged with a smartphone app? We’ve got it. You want holographic foil stamp inserts that resist replication by even the most sophisticated printing equipment? We’ve got it.

With several configurations to choose from, you’re sure to find just the right look, with a blend of style and security that's guaranteed to rock the house.

For a look that fits with today’s trimmed down sleekness, you can opt for the Flush Pass, with its combination of style and security blended perfectly in its edge-to-edge full color printing sandwiched between 10 mil, two-sided lamination with the corners rounded just so. Or, if old school cool is more in your wheelhouse, take a look at our full-featured Pouch Pass, then hold your lighter in the air and take it back down to the glory days.

To keep all of this technology and mind-blowing cool secure, you can choose from three styles of lanyards, each with full-throttle eye candy appeal but tough as a tank to keep it all in place. Choose from our rope style in a rainbow of colors, or, for a custom coordinated look, our screen print and dye sublimation lanyards let you design your own unique look.

To keep the day trippers in line, our satin stick-ons may be budget priced, but full security and custom options means there’s nothing low-end about these puppies but the price. Stick ‘em on when needed and peel ‘em off at the end, they can be programmed with start and stop dates, and we’ll even ship 'em out to multiple venues so they’ll be waiting when you arrive!

You’ve got your hands full herding the cats, so head them off at the pass with the pass that’s easily tracked and instantly recognizable. Give RockStar Passes a call at 866-980-4362 or use our online contact page and you’ll be the rock star.

Because really, of all the events beyond your control, your event shouldn’t be one of them.

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