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Be a Rock Star with Custom Laminated Passes

Be a Rock Star with Custom Laminated Passes

Security and longevity are fundamental when purchasing the best printing for your event. And when we say event, we mean anything from a single performance to six months on the road. That's where a quality band laminate becomes indispensable and RockStar Passes has everything you need when the road goes on forever and the party never ends.

1 Rain or shine – laminating your badges will protect the visual appeal and security features integrated into the pass.

2 Our cutting edge equipment provides you the freedom of choosing custom shaped passes and still being able to enjoy the benefits of lamination.

3 Using the wrong laminate can ruin your painstaking art work. We only work with the best materials to make sure your custom designs shine through.

4 Our 10 mil laminate makes your band passes resistant to tearing, peeling and other unfortunate consequences.

5 Our art department is ready to design something spectacular for you or work with you to bring your own vision to life. And it should be amazing, because it will be a keepsake from your event for a long time after the show.

6 The strength and construction of our product is so durable that it's a deterrent to counterfeiters who would more likely destroy the original than be able to alter it.

7 Package offers are priced to accommodate every event planner from maid of honor to last band standing.

When you invest so much in an event, you deserve a return reflecting your effort. RockStar Passes does the kind of work our customers are proud of and can recommend to their colleagues. We are grateful they do, because it's not our name advertised on our products – it's yours! We want to hear from you. First time and every time after, call us at 866-980-4362 or drop us a line on our website. You may not be ready for your next gig yet, but we can help you get there.

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