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Sometimes it’s good to look back on things, kind of reflect on all the miles we’ve put down together on this crazy road called life, all the way back to when Joe Punk was just a Punkrat Squealer hittin’ those sour notes in his parents’ garage. And now he’s gonna hit ‘em with the Punkrat Squallers all over Europe and you’re in charge of getting’ all the gear there and back in one piece.

But what the hey, we’re just getting’ older while we talk about how old we’re getting’ and ain’t that a shame? It’s Joe’s first European tour and that gear ain’t gonna load itself. You want to be the road manager for his second tour you better make sure all the band stuff stays together. You don’t need another Indianapolis on your permanent record, kid.

Okay, sound off! Pouch Passes? Check!

Flush Cut passes? Check!

Satin Stick-ons? Check!

Custom Lanyards? Check!

Bag Tags? Huh?

Bag Tags? Huh?

What? You haven’t checked out the brand new, custom bag tags from RockStar Passes with the same level of security as their flush cut and pouch passes baked right in?


Yeah, bag tags. For the bags! They’re 4 inches high, 3 inches wide, and made of waterproof 30 mil laminate so you can leave ‘em out in the rain or back over ‘em with the tour bus and they’ll be just fine (unlike Joe’s favorite guitar you crushed into toothpicks, but we’ll let bygones be bygones, won’t we?). Secure the six inch clear luggage loop that’s included with every tag and you’re set!

And with custom options like variable data, whether it’s QR codes, bar codes, or unique data for each tag, keeping up with the inventory is a breeze. And, just like RockStar’s event passes, their bag tags are available with holographic or standard foil set into the tag so they’re as hard to counterfeit as they are easy to use.

And better tell ‘em it’s a rush order since you’re leavin’ tomorrow. The guys at RockStar can handle it.

So whatcha waitin’ for, kid? Europe ain’t waitin’ for you and you can’t get the tags delivered to you on the meal cart halfway over the Atlantic.

Just give RockStar Passes a call at 866-980-4362 or use their online contact form and give ‘em your order. They got what it takes.

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