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Check Out Our Satin Stick-Ons!

Check Out Our Satin Stick-Ons!

If you haven’t checked out the custom Satin Stick-ons from RockStar Passes it’s time to see what you’re missing. For day access, backstage passes, just about any purpose you can name, our Satin Stick-ons will rock the house with their cloth-like feel and old school cool, not to mention pricing that will make you feel like you’ve stepped back in rock-n-roll history.

With our custom printing options, you can have virtually any color, any logo, any design, whatever you need. For security, you can have features like bar codes, QR codes, or your choice of standard or holographic security foil printed right on the face.

Versatile as our RockStar Flush and RockStar Pouch style security passes, and just as attractive, our Satin Stick-ons are designed as a lower cost alternative to laminated passes when dealing with security at a venue with come-and-go access. Specially formulated, they stick to fabrics without peeling or curling when exposed to moisture, sweat, or humidity.

Printed in full, vivid color, they are eye-catching for fast identification by security, and post-event, become highly sought after collectibles by the fans. Easy to use but resistant to reuse, tampering, counterfeiting, and other fraudulent uses, these passes are virtually bulletproof for resistance to fraud and duplication.

You’ll never have to worry about someone walking out the front gate only to have their badge walk right back in stuck on another shirt, this one on the buddy they palmed the pass to on the way out. Because they can’t be reused and they’re virtually impossible to copy, your security people stay happy knowing you’ve pulled that crowd control wild card out of the deck.

With Satin Stick-ons from RockStar Passes as part of your security network, you make the event more secure for the fans, the promoters, and the sponsors while forcing the spoofers, scammers, and plagiarists to find another event to crash or rip off.

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