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Five Tips for Proper Use of Special Event Passes

Five Tips for Proper Use of Special Event Passes

You already understand the importance and prestige of custom passes for your big event. Your attendees look more official and professional, and carry free advertising for your event around their necks. Event passes are also also often a popular keepsake for attendees.

But the primary function of the pass is physical security. It helps identify attendees, and eliminates any confusion about who does and does not belong. Here are a few additional tips on ways to use your event passes to secure access to your event.

1 Determine the level of security required for the event. A business convention, a sporting event, and a concert will attract different kinds of crowds, and have different needs in terms of door security. Make sure you know what kind of crowd you are expecting, and hire enough properly trained security personnel to handle the crowd.

2 Determine levels of access. Some events will only need a single general admission pass, and some may have tiered access. You can distinguish the different classes of ticket holders through color coding, or even passes in different shapes and sizes.

3 Order enough passes. Estimating crowd sizes can be challenging for events that aren’t exclusively presold, but you certainly don’t want to have to turn people away because you don’t have enough passes.

4 Use properly trained door personnel. Some venues have a secure box office, but many simply use a registration table. Make sure that your passes are stored securely, and within the direct line of sight of more than one person at all times. And for additional security, create or order your Rockstar Passboard so door personnel can be trained to spot any forgeries.

5 Use passes that are not easily forged. Forgers have become increasingly more sophisticated with technology, so it’s important to stay ahead of them. Electronic barcodes or QR codes are a good way to assign unique numbers to every pass sold, and additional security measures like standard or holographic foil watermarks are also available.

At RockStar passes, event printing is what we do. We’re here to help you promote your event’s branding, and control access in style. And we now offer expedited online ordering for your convenience. Click here to start your order, or give us a call at 866-980-4362 with any questions. We treat all of our clients like Rock Stars, and your satisfaction is always guaranteed!

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