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Foil Printing and Variable Data: How it Helps You

Special events like concerts, conventions, and outdoor festivals are wildly popular these days, and can cost tens (and sometimes hundreds) of thousands to produce. It’s worth the investment, because thousands of people are willing to pay premium prices to attend. Unfortunately, there are also many people who are either unwilling or unable to pay the price of admission, and sophisticated counterfeiters who are quite willing to sell them bogus tickets. How can you protect yourself?

At RockStar Passes, we’ve got a combined 47 years in the entertainment industry, and we’ve seen it all. We’ve encountered far too many forgers that think they’re committing a victimless crime against people who have more money than they need, when in actuality, their actions are one of the big factors behind skyrocketing ticket prices. Fortunately, we’re several steps ahead of them!

We offer numerous security printing features for all of our event passes, custom media credentials, and VIP passes that make them impossible to counterfeit. You can pick from laminate flush passes or pouch passes, and then choose from the following security features:

Holographic stamps and foil imprints

An embedded foil imprint is impossible to duplicate without the right equipment, and one of our more affordable security features. And you’re undoubtedly familiar with the holographic stamps on your credit card; we can do that with your company logo on your pass!

UPC barcodes or QR codes

Whether you choose the standard UPC barcode, or the more data-rich Quick Response (QR) codes, we can put a unique code on each pass that can be read by several models of commercial scanners, and even free smart phone apps!

Photo Passes

With photo passes, there will be absolutely no question about who is the legitimate passholder. They’re also a great way to elevate your event, and make your guests feel special.

At RockStar passes, it’s important to us that your event is successful and profitable, and we have a particular distaste for freeloaders who are willing to take money out of your pockets. Our passes are a great way to secure your doors in style, and we guarantee your satisfaction on all orders. For more information, or to start your order, click here, or give us a call at (866) 980-4362!

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