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Foil Printing Keeps Counterfeiters at Bay

There’s no worse feeling in the world than being in charge of venue access and suddenly realizing those security passes you got printed on the cheap are everywhere. The 300 credentials you delivered look like they’re hanging around the neck of every other person in the 10,000 seat arena, and half of THEM just went backstage to hang out with the band.

You know, the band you used to work for until half of Cleveland showed up in the dressing room wearing backstage passes just like the ones you ordered. Even that wasn’t the end of the world until one of them took off with the tour bus.

They say rock-n-roll never forgets. You hope that’s not true.

That all could have been avoided if you’d used the printing that foils the counterfeiters and asked for foil printing from RockStar Passes. Foil printing of your unique brand is virtually impossible to reproduce by any readily available means and difficult even if the equipment (and someone who can run it) can be found.

And really, if you’re in charge of security badges for events, you don’t want the least secure part of those events to be the security badges.

Yeah, but what about the cost?

It’s less than you’d think. A lot less than a tour bus, that’s for sure.

All kidding aside, if you want the security of knowing your venue is secure, tamper resistant passes are the way to go. And when you want true tamper resistance, foil printing or a foil hologram of your brand can’t be run off on a copier, and duplicating it is nearly impossible.

As far as cost, check out the cost of our most popular credential, the flush cut pass, with our online calculator, select the style and quantity you want and you’ll get an instant estimate. Then, contact us online or call 866-980-4362 and we’ll price the security foil printing based on your requirements.

It’s easy, there’s no obligation until you order, and if you aren’t 100 percent satisfied with your order, send it back to us for a full refund. At RockStar Passes we believe in doing business by earning your business.

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