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Here at RockStar Passes, we’re all about having a good time and enjoying our time at work. We love a good joke as much as anyone. But as much as we like to joke and cut up, we take security very, very seriously. Not everyone wants to get past the gate just to party with the band. You only have to look as far as recent headlines to know that some people have much darker intentions.

There are a number of elements to a secure venue, whether for entertainment, a sporting event, a social extravaganza, revival, or any other sort of gathering that attracts a lot of people. We can’t tell you how to outfit security guards, we’ve got no expertise in bomb-sniffing dogs, and what we know about security cameras is what we’ve seen on TV.

But when it comes to making sure no one goes through the gate who isn’t supposed to go through the gate, nobody does it better. In that element, RockStar Passes takes a back seat to no one.

At RockStar Passes, we produce custom event badges in several styles., We’ve got Flush Cut, Pouch Passes, Satin Stick-Ons, and Bag Tags, all available with custom graphics to include your branding, and top levels of security such as bar codes to allow you to keep track of every single pass under your control, QR codes embedded with client-selected information, and the passes themselves protected with virtually foolproof holographic foil inserts to foil counterfeiters (more information here). And all of it can be baked right into every pass we produce.

In today’s hyper-vigilant world, people still need to have a good time, but at RockStar Passes, we believe you can enjoy yourself even when you can’t let your guard down. If we were to all crawl under a rock because it’s dangerous outside, the bad guys would win, and nobody wants that. But with all of the technology AND common sense that can be brought to bear, nobody has to settle for that.

Plan big events, throw big throw-downs, and party like it’s 1999, and keep your venue friendly by keeping it secure with RockStar Passes. When it comes to venue security, we were working the gates before Dave Grohl was in diapers, and your security is our business.

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