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Guide to Using Holographic Foil for Event Security

It’s 2015 and you’re in charge of venue access to the hottest ticket in town. Everybody wants in, they all want backstage, they all want access to the hospitality room, and it’s your job to make sure the only people in any given location are the ones authorized to be there. The coolest job in the world can become the biggest headache if you and your team aren’t prepared to identify, at a glance, the 300 or so people with restricted access authorization who are milling around a jam-packed 15,000-person capacity venue.

Obviously, you need security badges for the 300 which, luckily can be printed just about anywhere. Including pretty much anyone’s home office who has a few hundred dollars’ worth of equipment and software to copy, enhance, print, and package a run-of-the-mill pass that looks more original than the original. Which, for you it turns out, isn’t lucky at all.

Don’t be that guy. Call RockStar Passes first. When it comes to security printing solutions, RockStar Passes has the technology to supply as many counterfeit resistant passes as you need using the latest in holographic foil technology.

Since they were first introduced on credit cards in the early 1980s, holograms have become the most common overt security features on valuable documents and branded goods; providing a recognizable mark of authenticity. Holograms cannot be scanned electronically or reproduced by any printing technique and security enhancement aside; they’re pretty cool-looking.

You can’t peel ‘em off, they’re virtually impossible to reproduce, and best of all they’re one of the most cost-effective security procedures you can put into place; instantly recognizable at a glance and RockStar Passes can even brand them with your trademark. You can use our estimate calculator to check the cost by quantity and our online guide will walk you through the ordering process.

Be that guy. Call RockStar Passes at 866-980-4362 or contact us online and when you set off on your next tour, you’ll be the leader of the band.

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