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Looking for something unexpected for your event? Check out our Satin Sticky Passes!

Looking for something unexpected for your event? Check out our Satin Sticky Passes!

We understand that planning an event can be a bit overwhelming with all the choices available to you. What size pass would you like? Do you need lanyards? If so, what kind? When you order custom event credentials from RockStar Passes, you’ll be amazed by our selection of pass styles and shapes, as well as your ability to customize both your passes and lanyards. Placing an online order couldn’t be easier, and you’ll have the ability to preview and approve all artwork before each production run. And, as if that wasn’t enough, we also offer lightning fast standard shipping, and premium expedited shipping options as well.

Our most popular event passes are our custom waterproof and nearly indestructible flush passes, but in some less permanent cases, our clients find our sticky satin passes to be a better option for their event, especially for day passes. Each satin pass is custom-made to your specifications and your event needs. Here are a few of the reasons that many of our clients “stick” with sticky passes:

Single Use-It’s a lot easier to keep uninvited guests at bay if your passes can’t be passed to another person as your paid guests exit. The passes will remain securely affixed to the intended owner for the duration of your event but will be much harder to reuse after initial adhesion.

Enhanced Security- Utilizing specific printed security options such as QR codes or numbered passes, you can significantly reduce, if not eliminate, cases of mistaken identity at the door. And in the cases of a large outdoor festival, you may prefer that the people in your “mosh pit” aren’t wearing lanyards that can get tangled together. Safety and security count, even when considering how the passes will be worn.

Lower Production Cost- At RockStar Passes, we take pride in creating the best product possible while maintaining budget-friendly pricing for all audiences. Satin passes are our most affordable product line, and a great way to help you stretch your event budget as far as possible. With RockStar Passes, paying less doesn’t equate to looking cheap.

If you have any questions, or are ready to start your order, contact us online at or at 866-980-4362.

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