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Make Sure to Check Out With Custom Lanyards!

Okay, you’ve gone to the effort of designing the coolest security badge in the history of rock and roll, but you’ve still got gate crashers trying to get backstage, on stage, in the bus, and you still can’t tell who is who. After all that work, where in the heck did the badges go?

Not to worry. Everybody’s got theirs. In their pocket. Their POCKET! Yep. Their pocket. Which was the most logical place to put them when that plastic lanyard you cheaped out on broke. Yeah, but like, you got a thousand of ‘em for just two bucks!

You did, and they were worth every penny, weren’t they? Heck of a deal.

Ain’t that a shame? When you pick up your RockStar Passes order, don’t check out without checking out our custom lanyards. They come in a variety of styles for not much more than those plastic seagull stranglers you heisted.

We’ve got rope lanyards in 13 different colors, a full baker’s dozen, so you can dress ‘em all in uniform or mix and match for variety. Or, you can design your own screen print lanyard, putting your logo, name of the band, even favorite lyrics for an individual look you can spot from anywhere.

Of course, if you want to go full tilt boogie band king of rock and roll, our Dye-Sublimation lanyard is the Cadillac tracks of custom lanyards. Dye sublimation allows us to transfer color directly onto the full surface of the lanyard, allowing any color image or pattern to be printed, giving your lanyards a custom look all their own that’ll have you waving your lighter in the air and screaming “Free Bird” before you can stop yourself.

You know what’s best of all? Ours don’t break, fall apart, turn your neck green, they just hold your badge and look great. Like they’re supposed to.

Call RockStar Passes for the finest in security badges AND custom badge lanyards at 866-980-4362, or contact us online and we’ll fix you up. Nothing but the best for the best, right?

Don’t live a life filled with regrets. Call RockStar Passes and respect yourself.

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