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One of the Best Ways to Prevent Counterfeiting at Your Event

One of the Best Ways to Prevent Counterfeiting at Your Event

High profile speakers and performers create an air of excitement for attendees. Events that feature them present an entirely different atmosphere for managers and planners though. Securing an event has gone beyond putting staff on the ground and has embraced technology to fill in the gaps. Sophisticated security badges are an optimal solution to prevent unauthorized access caused by counterfeiting and human error. One of the greatest advancements in security printing is holographic foil passes.

No simple setup will produce the originality and protection provided by holographic foil passes. It is a process requiring multiple steps, each relying on its own specialized equipment. Beginning with the creation of the hologram itself, the project progresses to crafting a custom die used to transfer the image using very specific degrees of heat and pressure.

Quality materials are integral to the success of holographic foil printing. One requirement is the metal composition of the die. And all foils are not created equal. Not all of them can withstand the heat and pressure required for the transfer of the hologram. Special consideration must even be made for the stock on which the image is printed, because the process doesn't take to all paper the same.

A considerable amount of expertise is required to produce security badges featuring holographic foil printing. Because it highlights graphics and words singular to a particular event, the quality of design will be obvious in the finished product. So many steps are required to achieve the desired effect, a professional is needed to determine if the smallest detail in the beginning –- like font choice -- could render expensive and undesirable results.

Combine two unique effects to achieve this impressive result: holograms, a fairly modern invention considering mankind has been printing for centuries, and integrate them into a foil printing process. This makes duplication nearly impossible because the materials and equipment required are not readily found in an average printing shop and especially not in the typical household. And even if the equipment was cheap enough –- and it's not –- for anyone to order online, they would be hard pressed to know what to do with it once it arrived. Not everyone will appreciate that the beautiful piece of art hanging around their neck is an awesome security feature. But the cheaters, party crashers, and counterfeiters will; and that's worth its weight in gold foil.

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