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Our Quality Custom Lanyards Will Make You the Rock Star!

You’ve planned a top shelf event, booked the top talent in a five state area, and you’ve even locked in the most sought after venue around. To oversee everything, you’ve arranged top-flight security with a talent for keeping it low-key.

A big part of that security includes a supply of the sweetest customized event badges you’ve ever seen from RockStar Passes. They’re durable and attractive with a professional, four color look that’s faithful to the brand, and loaded up with the latest passive security features and counterfeit deterrence baked right in.

All indicators point to this being the can’t miss, must-be-present-to-win, party of the year!


Did you order lanyards while you were at RockStar Passes? You don’t want to forget those. Besides keeping those badges secure and at the ready, they look great in tandem with our Flush Cut and Pouch Passes. Our rope lanyards come in a variety of colors, so whether your style is more uniform or you have a kind of mix-and-match motif going, we can accommodate.

Or, you may be more attuned to creating your own look and want your lanyards to be a continuation of those great-looking event badges. Not a problem, not a problem at all. Choose from either our screen print or dye-sublimation lanyards and next thing you know, every custom pass you ordered will be dressed for a night on the town with its own custom lanyard.

After all, you put a lot of effort into those custom badges getting them branded perfectly to your event, and now is not the time to pick up some “bargain brand” that can’t perform. Nobody goes to that kind of effort for half of their badges to end up face down on the ground because the lanyard couldn’t handle the pressure.

At RockStar Passes, our lanyards not only look fantastic, they don’t break under pressure.. Never. Not ever. It’s not even an issue. And if they did (which they don’t), every single one comes with a 100 percent guarantee of satisfaction. You won’t find that with so-called “bargain brands.”

Be a RockStar. Call RockStar Passes at 866-980-4362 or contact us online at this link, and we’ll have you groovin’ so smooth you’ll think you’re wearin’ blue suede shoes, and it doesn’t get any cooler than that. Just ask Elvis.

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