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RockStar Passes for RockStar Customers!

RockStar Passes for RockStar Customers!

You know the drill. You’ve worked and worked, slaving on the road night after rock-n-roll night, going from fan to follower to roadie and now you are the man. As in manager. As in Capital R-oad Capital M-anager. Traffic cop to the stars.

You know you’ve arrived when instead of it being your job to pick out the red jellybeans from the lead guitarist’s favorite munchie, your job is to pick out the lucky guy whose job it now becomes.

Trouble is, there’s no one-size-fits-all, point A – to – point B, harmony here-rhythm here-lead here road map where X marks the spot for success. There’s more art than science to bringing those moving parts together. Get it wrong and you’re road kill on the rock and roll highway watching the back of the bus get smaller in the distance.

But don’t freak out. It’s not rocket science. You know what needs doing because you’ve done it all. You just have to find the people who can do it. Oh, and you have to find them every night in a sea of 15 thousand or so hysterical fans waving lighters in the air and screaming “Free Birrrrd!”

Piece of cake.

RockStar Passes has you covered with secure event passes, the linchpin to a secure venue. Durable, attractive, and impervious to counterfeits, RockStar event badges tell the world the band is here and ready to rock. They tell you the necks they hang from belong to your people, and only yours.

With security features available such as standard and holographic foil printing, bar codes, QR codes, and one of a kind custom trademark images, you’ll know at a glance or a pass of the scanner if those event badges coming through are real or just some gate crasher’s rock and roll fantasy.

Enhance your security even more with custom lanyards imprinted with your unique brand and the screaming hordes of wannabe air guitar gods won’t even make it to the gate before you have them in your sights.

At RockStar Passes, we’ve combined our love for rock and roll (about us) with years of printing experience, and we’ve got your back. Call us today at 866-980-4362 or contact us online and you’ll be the biggest rock star of all.

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