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RockStar Passes Partners with USA Boccia Sports Organization

RockStar Passes Partners with USA Boccia Sports Organization

When we think of event credentials, it’s not uncommon to restrict the possibilities to large venues, music concerts, or events that seem beyond the scope of the average person. Would you believe it if we told you that event passes are for far more than just those types of scenes? Some of our most consistent orders at RockStar Passes are for church events, birthday parties, and even movie premieres! The possibilities are endless!

One such event we’re proud to have partnered with is the USA Boccia Sports Organization!

At the USA Boccia tournament, the passes created served far more purpose than just displaying someone’s name, and were even able to track intricate information such as from which entrance individuals entered the venue, how many times they’ve attempted to use their identification to receive a meal, and other important information. This in turn became valuable data for analytics and event reflection!

Using the RockStar EventLink app we’ve developed for scanning at events, which can be loaded on to any smartphone, event organizers were able to retain valuable information they would have otherwise relinquished. With unique logins for each administrative user, scans can be time stamped and tracked by location within the event, turning your scans into a powerful asset to gather analytics which help understand user behavior. The best part about this is that we at RockStar Passes completely setup and tailor the app settings to your event’s individual needs!

Have you considered some of the possibilities for your passes? If you have any ideas about what your passes could do for you, contact us at , and we can help bring many of them to realization!

At RockStar Passes, event credentials can be so much more than an identifier, showing specific access level for an individual. Let’s explore the options together to create the most memorable event of your life! After all, events are meant to be great!

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