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Stop Party Crashers by Utilizing Variable Data on Our Custom Event Passes !

Stop Party Crashers by Utilizing Variable Data on Our Custom Event Passes !

We all know how frustrating it is to have to deal with scalpers, or people claiming to have legitimate passes to an event that you’ve worked so hard to orchestrate. Not only is this problematic for you, but for attendees, who have to consider whether the pass they’ve received is legitimate or not. That’s an unfair burden to all event-goers involved!

The good news is that our team at RockStar Passes has years of experience in the entertainment business, and we work meticulously to ensure your event is as secure and enjoyable as possible by utilizing variable data and other irreproducible features. When you order our bestselling flush passes, you have your choice of the following security features:

Holographic Foil-Holograms have been a standard security feature for most credit/debit cards for the past few decades, and we’re also starting to see it in higher denominations of U.S. Currency. Not only does it give your passes an added dimension of flair, it requires equipment that’s much more expensive and sophisticated than most forgers can afford! Reproducing holographic elements is very difficult to do, and we keep the foil types we use under lock and key.

Variable Data-Adding sequential numbers to your passes is one simple strategy to keep track of legitimate passes. Counterfeiters aren’t aware of how many original passes you’ve intended to order. We can start with any number sequence that you like and can also add scannable UPC or QR codes to each of your passes. And the customization doesn’t stop there! We can also add individual’s images, names, titles, roles, or any other custom information you’d like to add to your passes! Our event passes are custom tailored to your needs!

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