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The Sky's the Limit When Choosing a Custom Lanyard

A wise person once said, “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” Which is pretty much what your first boss said with the paraphrase, “Don’t screw this up, kid. There ain’t no comin’ back for a do-over.”

The boss could have been talking about lanyards. You know, those “little strings” everyone clips their security passes from so they can hang them around their necks for easy identification by security staff. Because no matter what the event, people will be running all over the place with some who need to get here, some who need to get there, along with others who aren’t supposed to be here or there trying to blend in and thus, sneak in.

When the boss told you to order lanyards, she wasn’t talking about going to to order a boxcar of the cheapest (and ugliest) flimsy pieces of who-knows-what to fall apart at the speed of light. That’s how the kid in charge of picking the green Skittles out of Joe Punk’s kibble bowl gets to cool his heels in jail because, once his security pass made it safely to the ground (thanks cheap&!), he looked just like every other skinny kid trying to crash the backstage bullpen.

And, since the skinny kid who picked up the security pass from the ground did actually get backstage, whereupon he stole the tour bus you were supposed to keep an eye on, the Punkrat Squallers will have plenty of time to consider the impression YOU made while they walk to Indianapolis for their next gig.

You know kid, it doesn’t have to be this way. Not with RockStar Passes in your corner. Because RockStar Passes doesn’t just print the most secure event passes in the industry, we can supply you with the most secure lanyards to hang them from. We’ve been doing it for years.

And secure doesn’t mean plain. With both screen-print and dye-sublimation printing available, the sky is the limit for customizing your lanyards. There’s no limit to the styles and colors available. Color coordinate or mix & match, do what you like, and you’ll be number one with a bullet on the road crew’s hit parade.

Call RockStar Passes at 866-980-4362 or contact us online with the details of what you need. Because at RockStar Passes, you might say we’re in the first impression business.

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