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Three Important Benefits of Custom Event Passes

Three Important Benefits of Custom Event Passes

When it comes to event planning, some people are “naturals,” but for the rest of us, it can be overwhelming. It’s especially difficult when you have good taste but aren’t exactly sure how to reach that “next level” without spending a fortune. Enter RockStar Passes.

At RockStar Passes, we’ve worked alongside a broad range of clientele. From executives at Fortune 500 companies to rodeo organizers and everyone in between, we’re into providing premium quality event printing at an affordable price. The best news is, no matter what your event type, we’re an e-mail or phone call away to amp up your event with the highest quality event credentials on the street. Whether you need to order 25 passes, or 25,000, our entire team is here to help you feel like a RockStar. Contact us any time for a no-obligation quote, and keep in mind the following benefits that you will enjoy as one of our clients:

Door security-The primary purpose of our event passes is to secure your doors and keep attendees in their designated areas. Our passes are virtually impossible to counterfeit and come with a host of optional security features that include sequential numbers, UPC and QR codes, holographic foil, and photo IDs.

Loss prevention-When you take counterfeiters and gate crashers out of the equation, you know that you can count on maximum profitability for every event, whether it’s Woodstock, or a boutique trade show.

Increased brand identity-Even though it might not affect your bottom line, every guest at your event will be a walking talking advertisement for your event at afterparties, and since your event credentials are too cool to throw away, they are likely to be displayed in a place of honor in your guests’ office for years to come!

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