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Top 3 Event Printing Solutions

Top 3 Event Printing Solutions

When you're considering your next event, you will have many choices. There are many areas that you will want to consider for your event printing solutions. There are three event-printing solutions that are a must.

These solutions must contain the following characteristics of any work: Quality, Reliability and Productivity.

Here are 3 event printing solutions to consider:

  • What type of laminated passes do you want to create?
  • What is your projected print volume?
  • What are the key features that you want to include in your passes?

1 There are many types of laminated passes in today's market. There are pouch laminated passes also referred to as a J-pouch. Many refer to these type of passes as the "Old School" pass. For many years these types of passes were used as the standard pass across every music and sporting industry. The past 10-15 years as technology has advanced, a new type of pass called a flush cut had evolved. This type of pass is still laminated but, unlike the J-pouch, the lamination is trimmed or cut precisely around the edge of the pass. These passes can and will vary in thickness and in a gloss or matte finish based on the type of lamination preferred.

2 Once you have determined the type of pass that you will use, you can narrow down your project even further to determining the volume that you will need for your specific event. This should include your total volume that you will be needing for the event, including today and even in the future. Taken into consideration additions, changes, and even have extra for loss, are to be considered when determining your total amount for production. RockStar Passes takes all of these into consideration, and we look at it as our customers strategic vision for what kind of event they want to be in three, five and ten years. With this in mind, choosing the best print solution is our priority.

3 So you have the type of pass you want to produce, and you know exactly how many you will need. But wait, I want this pass to be more than a pass. There many key features to choose when considering your pass. Starting with the type of laminate, whether it is clear gloss, secure hologram or a custom designed laminate. The finish of the pass can make the world of difference. However, going beyond the lamination, you have many choices. Those choices range from foiling, hologram, fluorescent ink, raised lettering, variable data, hidden numbering, QR Codes, bar code, custom naming and many more options.

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