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Try Our Satin Stick-ons and You'll Stand Out!

You’ve gotten everything set up for the big tour with show dates, venues, logistics set out for every date and security in place! Every event you’ve got VIPS to deal with; everyone from elected officials to media to that group of screaming teenagers who won a limo ride to the concert and the 15-minute meet and greet backstage with the band!

Now, you’re the lucky guy who gets to manage credentials for all of those people, which means you’re the baggage handler for hundreds of VIP credentials in dozens of cities spread out across the country for the next four months.

This is the moment you look in the mirror, take a long pause, and say “piece of cake.” After all, this is why you have RockStar Passes on speed dial in the first place.

We’ve got your back. For multiple levels of VIP access in multiple locations, there’s nothing easier, more secure, or more cost effective than personalized stickies from RockStar Passes. This is an attractive satin pass with a single-use adhesive back that sticks to virtually any fabric (but only once, so there’s no handing passes off for unauthorized use). Like our flush and pouch passes, these stick-ons incorporate the latest in security features baked right in.

We’re talking bar codes for instant tracking, QR codes with embedded website information designed for both pre-and post-show engagement, personalized customization, full-color printing, custom watermarks on the back of the sticky, and even virtually impossible to reproduce holographic foil stamps to hold counterfeiters at bay. You can order your passes in large, small, circular, or even shaped like a guitar pick; all with the top-shelf security features that made RockStar Passes the leader of the pack in event security printing!

Now, here’s the best part: For ease of handling, we can ship your satin stick-ons to multiple drops for easy pick-up by you or your designee at the locations where they’ll be used. All you have to do is show up!

Call RockStar Passes today at 866-980-4362 or contact us online and we’ll have you takin’ care of business the way it needs to be done!

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