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We Can Put Photos And Variable Data On Your Passes-Making Each One Unique!

Organizing a concert or a special event is becoming more and more expensive, and ticket prices continue to increase to meet the costs. Unfortunately, when a single ticket to an event commands a price that exceeds triple digits, the incentive for counterfeiters to want a piece of the action is also on the rise. Forgers have access to technology that is becoming increasingly more sophisticated, and old-fashioned paper tickets are the most vulnerable.

The good news is that you no longer have to fear criminals armed with scanners and color copiers! RockStar Passes offers a wide selection of custom event badges equipped with sophisticated anti-counterfeiting features, and they’re more affordable than you think. Here are some of the security features that we have to offer:

  • Holographic Foil-For the past few decades, holograms have become a standard security component for most credit cards, and they are now being integrated into new U.S. currency. Adding a holographic foil insert to your event passes makes them virtually impossible to duplicate, and we can even use your brand, logo, or trademark.
  • UPC barcode or QR code-Variable data on passes is a great way to make sure that no two passes are alike. The standard Universal Product Code (UPC) is available on event passes, and we also offer the increasingly popular Quick Response (QR) coding system, which is capable of carrying more data. Both can be scanned at the front door by a variety of commercial scanners, and inexpensive (or free) smartphone apps.
  • Photo badges-For the ultimate experience in custom passes, why not credential your guests with photo badges? When event security is at a premium, a photo pass is one of the most fool-proof ways to positively identify your guests. If you offer photo passes at your event, there will be no cases of mistaken identity.

At RockStar Passes, we’re committed to helping you provide high quality passes for your event that will help you credential guests and control access in style. Our passes are attractive, durable, and virtually impossible to counterfeit. We offer passes in several different shapes and styles, and we guarantee your satisfaction on all orders

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