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When You Need Specialized Credentials for Your Event, You Need RockStar Passes

When You Need Specialized Credentials for Your Event, You Need RockStar Passes

When you’re planning an event, there are details on top of details to consider, and it’s easy to get so caught up that you can’t see the the forest from the weeds.That’s why you have to delegate. You have to hand off the details of transportation, road crew, lighting, sound, and be confident that everything will be handled.

When you need the best in security printing, our team at RockStar Passes has a lifelong love of music and nearly 50 years of print production experience, as well as tons of experience promoting, coordinating, and participating in festivals, events, and music tours. We’ve used that experience to put together the most comprehensive one-stop security printing shop that you’ll find between here and Kathmandu! Here’s a quick look at some of the products that we offer:

Custom Credentials–Need credentials for your security people? We’ve got it covered. For the band? We’ve got that covered, too. Single use passes for casual labor hired at each venue? Just ask. We’ve got the most advanced security features available, which offer you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your passes are ironclad secure. We can embed variable data, graphics and QR codes in any combination, and can include names, titles, sequential numbering, and holographic and standard foil watermarks with your own custom logo.

All Access Passes –All passes are not created equal, and because you’re bound to have a few VIPs on board at any given stop, we can custom print all-access passes that will grant them access to any areas where you want them to be able to go. By adding our advanced security features, you can be sure that you only grant access to properly credentialed guests, and you’ll know at a glance that all attendees are accounted for. You can even turn off access at the individual pass level if needed.

Backstage Pass Printing–Backstage passes are a great promotional tool, but you need to manage access. That’s a task made simple when you use custom backstage passes from RockStar. Check ‘em in, check ‘em out, and even check on ‘em any time you want. Nothing could be easier!

You don’t have to be the guy who loses the luggage, sends the band to the wrong venue, or accidentally allows half of Pittsburgh into the dressing room. Keep track of your people with custom event passes that are as eye-catching as they are secure. For more information, or to start your order, contact us online , or give us a call at 866-980-4362 and we’ll make looking like a rock star look easy.

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