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When you're purchasing equipment for your championship season, don't forget the bag tags!

When you're purchasing equipment for your championship season, don't forget the bag tags!

It’s been a season made of magic, and your dream team is making a trip through the semi-finals on its way to the big championship game! That means excitement, confusion, road trips, and the potential for a whole lot of unpredictability. You’ve loaded up the team on the bus, stowed their gear and all their bags, and are officially underway…but are you sure that you have everything?

At RockStar Passes, our goal is to make sure that you have all the tools you need to be sure that nothing gets left behind. We can help you keep track of gear with customized, scannable barcodes on athletic bag tags to eliminate confusion, no matter how high that mound of look-a-like bags gets. With custom barcodes and QR codes, tracking missing bags back to their proper owners has never been easier.


But what about the athletes? With their safety entrusted to you, custom credentials for each team member means that you won’t have to worry about someone getting lost amidst the confusion. Our printed badges can be embedded with bar codes, QR codes, photos, and even foil stamps that are nearly impossible to copy, guaranteeing authenticity and security.


At RockStar Passes, we’ve combined years of large venue logistics experience and custom printing experience to bring an almost bulletproof solution to the age-old problem of moving people and property without losing anyone or anything. No matter how large or small your team may be, we’ll help you stay organized.


Whether you’re headed to the championship game, or a scrimmage on the other side of town, we’re here to help! For more information, or to start your order, contact RockStar Passes today at 866-980-4362 or online here.


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