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Whether You Want Satin, Flush, or Pouch Passes, We’ve Got it All!

Modern technology keeps changing our lives, and the newest innovation is event ticketing. It’s now possible to buy tickets without receiving a ticket at all; You now only need to pull out your smart phone, and let someone scan a QR code. It’s convenient, it doesn’t create paper waste, and it’s inexpensive. But it’s not nearly as much fun as flashing your VIP pass, and getting waved through the front door as everyone in line behind you watches!

There’s nothing wrong with digital ticketing, but at RockStar Passes, we’re still pretty old school, and we’re pretty sure that you are, too. Call us old-fashioned if you want, but we still believe that there’s something special about giving your guests all access badges that they’ll wear with pride to your event and afterparties. Custom event credentials are a very affordable way to elevate your event, and give your guests a nice keepsake to display in a place of honor in their home or office. Here are some of our most popular styles of custom event passes:

Flush Passes

Our custom flush passes are our most popular product, for good reasons. They’re attractive, durable, and inexpensive. Our flush passes are available in several different sizes of the traditional rectangular shape, and if you’re looking for something a bit more unusual, circular and guitar shapes are also available.

Pouch Passes

If you’re looking for something a little more traditional, we also offer custom pouch passes. Your passes will be placed in a plastic pouch, and hermetically sealed to help keep your custom logo and artwork preserved for the lifetime of the pass.

Satin Passes

Our satin adhesives are one of our most unique products, and they can offer a real touch of class for day access or backstage passes. And if your event has very tight security, our satin passes are the hardest to reuse, so you’ll never have to worry about someone handing their pass to their buddy on the way out.

At RockStar passes, we offer value pricing on all of our products, and the more that you order, the cheaper they get! We offer lightning fast turnaround on all orders, and your satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed. For more information, or to get a same day quote, click here, or call us at (866) 980-4362!

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